At Creative Actors Studio we have two Master Acting Coaches who are also screenwriters, directors, editors, and photographers. Elizabeth Shryer and Kelsey David Shryer bring authentic and rich qualifications to their coaching. Their keen, empathetic eye leads students to depths of emotional commitment they have never reached before. Elizabeth and Kelsey also bring a filmmaker’s eye to the art of acting, preparing each student for professional film/tv production sets.

Elizabeth and Kelsey have decades of combined experience as professional actors and filmmakers. In addition to producing a Feature Film, a TV Pilot, 27 Short Films, and several multimedia productions, they both took an apprenticeship with the late Master Coach and CAS Founder, Scott-Arthur Allen. As husband & wife, and creative & business partners, Elizabeth and Kelsey now continue the Creative Actors Studio legacy, expanding the studio and it’s services every year.

Scott-Arthur Allen developed an incredible acting technique, the Creative Actors Process. Elizabeth and Kelsey continue to evolve the language and concepts used to communicate this beautiful and powerful process. Acting mirrors life. Your performance should be real and believable, and you should be totally committed to the reality portrayed in the story you are telling. To be an exceptional actor, you must be a great storyteller. Stop approaching your performance as a pretty puppet in a game of play pretend. You are no longer a mimic, or even an actor. You are a Life Creator. Stop Acting. Create Life.