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A Word From The Coaches:

We believe in guiding and coaching our students to their fullest potential with a precise balance of building the person’s confidence and at the same time stretching them to new ranges of their ability.

In addition to coaching you to a new level as an artist, we make it our goal at Creative Actors to teach the ever-changing ways of the modern entertainment industry. In our weekly classes we train our students in the art of performance and acting, as well as mentor each individual on the business side of Show Business.

Do you have a website or profiles on IMDb Pro, Actors Access, Casting Networks? Do you have professional headshots or a professional demo reel? Are you ready to submit a professional video audition today?

Don’t worry! It can all sound very overwhelming. The first step is to simply start training as an actor somewhere in a professional studio. So come watch a class and we would love to hear your goals as a person and artist.


Elizabeth and Kelsey