Photo of character actor, Russell MetcalfRussell Metcalf
Creative Actors Student
2Day Intensive Participant
“It is not only I who has grown through implementation of “The Process” taught at the Creative Actors. Some of the greatest realizations come from watching the breakthroughs of the other members. I have seen people do things they never thought imaginable because they found the courage to simply let go and trust themselves. The Process is very simple and yet I know of no other school, workshop, or seminar that teaches this…(Read more here)”

Photo of Tiffany GockTiffany Gock
2Day Intensive Participant
“I just wanted to again express my gratitude for all the invaluable information that was taught to us in the 2Day Intensive. As Elizabeth had mentioned in a previous email, I now have a new outlook in acting and life through Scott-Arthur’s words. Even though I have a minor in film studies from college, I still learned a lot about the film industry in this workshop. And the amount of individual attention that I received in the workshop was impressive. It truly was a privilege to be taught the creative process by Scott-Arthur himself. It’s rare to find acting coaches who are so kind, tactfully straightforward and dedicated to helping a young actor develop their craft. Thank you.”

Mick Speck's HeadshotMike Speck
2Day Intensive Participant
“The Creative Actors 2 Day Intensive Class is first rate. Scott and Liz are exceptional acting teachers and coaches. The Class gives the actor personal attention, a great overview on Scott’s acting process and gives the actor a plan and direction for continued and rapid improvement. The extensive use of video allows the actor to see and make improvements in their technique immediately. I would recommend the Class or Intensive to actors and/or anyone seeking to improve their on camera performance.”

Steven Nash
Film Producer: Arts and Letters Entertainment
President: Arts and Letters Management
President: Talent Managers Association
Talent Manager of the Year 2004-2005
“The Creative Actors Workshop is the top professional training opportunity in the Midwest region for professional acting training and artistic development, quite specifically in tune with some of the best training programs in Los Angeles. For important personal development as well as real preparation for a potential professional entertainment career, they sincerely care, and they know the Los Angeles film-television market.”

James Shelton
Professional Actor & Filmmaker
“Scott-Arthur I just got off the phone with a fella named Torrey Roussin who was shopping in the store where my wife works here in LA, she told him, “give my husband a call.” So we’re talking about good classes and he mentioned this really great teacher in St. Louis named Scott-Arthur Allen, and I just started laughing…and I agreed of course. It’s funny that in talking with people out here in Los Angeles about class and mentioning your name, people are like, “oh yeah, he had a great audition class.” I hope the kids in Missouri realize what they’ve got!!”

Eddie Lin
Professional Actor & Businessman

“To Diane Schorsch Talent Plus Saint Louis Missouri: “By the by, while this was my first film audition at a full-blown casting agency, I was completely prepared and concentrated thanks to the amazing Scott-Arthur Allen workshops. Even though it was all a first-time experience, nothing came as a surprise nor as a distraction as the entire experience was EXACTLY as Scott-Arthur describes and prepares us for.” And I got the part!”

Scott Bernard
2nd Generation Film Industry Professional
“Scott, I know I’ve said it before, and if I have not I want you to know that I’m a better person for having known you and going through your teachings. You taught me more than just how to prepare, you taught me how to listen and communicate. These skills I use everyday. They have helped me become the person I am. ?I’ve been working behind the scenes here in Hollywood. After an 8-year stint at Warner Bros. in Management, I’m currently working as a special representative for Local 695. I’m in the field and all over Hollywood. I love helping our production workers with there contract issues.?I still act on occasion; I’m looking to produce a feature film in the not to distant future. I’ll be coming to Missouri to film. It would be great to see you and Elizabeth.”

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