Announcing the completion of Gentle Force Artist Group’s Production “Morning Light” a TV Pilot/Short Feature

Written by Scott-Arthur and Elizabeth Allen
Directed by Scott-Arthur Allen

Look for it at film festivals this coming year.

Teaser trailer:
Morning Light

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Genre: A Spiritual Mystery

Network: TBD
Season: 2011/2012
About: Morning Light is an inspirational story about living and second chances. By focusing on real people and true human situations; Morning Light is the reminder that forgiveness, love and redemption are never far away.

Plot Outline: After facing the deepest tragedy any child ever could, Christiana lives on by saving the lost souls she encounters.

Unknown to her Caleb a young deputy is thrust into a quest to find this mystery girl, who can with a simple, but touching Bible verse and her innocent eyes break into cold, hardened and hurting hearts; helping redirect the lives of the people she meets.

Yet, Christiana is still in grave danger. Can Caleb find her before it’s too late?

Starring: Erin Bachus, Kelsey Shryer and Brandon Gray