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"We don't just train actors.
We develop confident human beings who can act."

  • St. Louis Studio
  • Creative Actors Headshots
  • Erica Sturdefant Screenshot
  • Kelsey David Shryer On Set Intensive
  • Emma Ve & Bill Finkbiner in STL
  • Luis Perez Screenshot
  • St. Louis Studio

    The studio where we hold our on-going weekly classes in St. Louis.

  • Creative Actors Headshots

    In addition to weekly classes and private coaching, we also shoot headshots, edit demo reels, and produce original demo reel material.

  • Erica Sturdefant Screenshot

    Student, Erica Sturdefant, performing in our On Set Intensive course.

  • Kelsey David Shryer On Set Intensive

    Coach, Kelsey David Shryer, working as DP in our On Set Intensive course.

  • Emma Ve & Bill Finkbiner in STL

    Students, Emma Ve & Bill Finkbiner, perform a scene in our St. Louis class.

  • Luis Perez Screenshot

    Student, Luis Perez, performing in our On Set Intensive course.

A continuing Los Angeles professional acting workshop right here in Missouri.

Going into our 13th year in the “Show Me State”, Creative Actors continues to be a leader in professionally training people with coaching and mentorship that prepares each individual for a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Coaches Elizabeth Allen and Kelsey David Shryer bring a truly unique background to their coaching style. With professional experience as actors, coaches, casting directors, producers, screenwriters, and directors, Elizabeth and Kelsey lead each individual to their fullest potential as performers and businesspersons.

At the core of everything taught at Creative Actors lies the unique acting technique, The Creative Process. Developed by master coach, Scott-Arthur Allen, The Creative Process expounds upon, yet simplifies, the teachings of Constantin Stanislavski and Sandy Meisner. The Creative Process brings deep realism to artists’ performances with a consistency that is unprecedented.

Whether your goal is to become a professional actor or gain the confidence needed to excel in another career, The Creative Process, paired with the guidance of coaches Elizabeth and Kelsey, you will gain the skills needed to successfully reach your goals.

A Word From The Coaches:

We believe in guiding and coaching our students to their fullest potential with a precise balance of building the person’s confidence and at the same time stretching them to new ranges of their ability.

In addition to coaching you to a new level as an artist, we make it our goal at Creative Actors to teach the ever-changing ways of the modern entertainment industry. In our weekly classes we train our students in the art of performance and acting, as well as mentor each individual on the business side of Show Business.

Do you have a website or profiles on IMDb Pro, Actors Access, Casting Networks? Do you have professional headshots or a professional demo reel? Are you ready to submit a professional video audition today?

Don’t worry! It can all sound very overwhelming. The first step is to simply start training as an actor somewhere in a professional studio. So come watch a class and we would love to hear your goals as a person and artist.


Elizabeth and Kelsey

Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen is currently enjoying the resurgence of a new career as an acting coach and filmmaker. Originally from the Ozarks in southwest Missouri, she left for Los Angeles at the age of 17 to pursue her passion for acting…

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Kelsey David Shryer

In a world where young geniuses are becoming more prevalent and influential, Kelsey David Shryer is making his mark…

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Scott-Arthur Allen (1938-2015)

Scott-Arhtur Allen was the founding coach of Creative Actors (formerly known as The Creative Actors Workshop)…

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16th Sep 2015The OSI is Here!
16th September 2015
The OSI is Here!

Here at Creative Actors we have started a new course! It's called the On Set Intensive. We launched the OSI in August and it proved to be more beneficial for the actors than even we expected. Over the next few weeks we will be updating our website. Until then enjoy some clips from the August On Set Intensive:

Lonely Nosy Neighbor #1:

Just A Cute Accent:

Mommy' Cleanup:

Lonely Nosy Neighbor #2:

Here is more information about the October On Set Intensive (all spaces are full):

October OSI Flyer

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25th Mar 2015It’s Been A While…
25th March 2015
It’s Been A While…

We have had so much news occur since our last post on the website. Most of our updates have been shared on our facebook page here. Below we will quote a few of our FB posts from the past 2 weeks. Then keep an eye out for more regular news, photos, and testimonials throughout the website.

Today on Scott's Bio Page:

"Scott-Arhtur Allen was the founding coach of Creative Actors (formerly known as Creative Actors Workshop). His unique acting technique, called The Creative Process, is at the core of everything we teach at Creative Actors. Scott’s Creative Process, love, and encouragement will live on in all who met him. Scott will be greatly missed, but we feel confident in continuing his legacy because of his training and guidance. The Creative Process continues to bring consistent, deep realism to artists’ performances with a simplicity and organic beauty that has never been scene outside of the rare natural, empathic performer that seldom catches the public’s attention. Thank you Scott for a truly great gift you have given to the art of performance and to the world."

March 19 at 10:54pm

"Despite the pain we have all suffered this week, we are excited for this next chapter. Creative Actors is continuing with all classes and services, led by Elizabeth Allen and Kelsey David Shryer. Scott has taught us well and he's now looking over all of us from above. Just two weeks ago the three of us sat and talked about all of the wonderful things instore for CA and our students. Scott is certainly cheering us on!"

March 13 at 11:15pm

"Know this, Creative Actors: We are strong, We are united, and We are one! Despite the hardships we are facing with the loss of our dear mentor and founder, we will rise up strong. We will honor his legacy. We will make him proud every second of every class and every audition and every performance. We are strong. This is not the time to be hurt, sad, and broken. It is the time to give our full strength to the mission and legacy of Scott-Arthur Allen and that is "training confident human beings who can act". We can! And WE WILL."

March 13 at 8:11pm

"Scott-Arthur Allen, born as Charles Arthur Allen
passed peacefully at 7:13pm on Friday, March 13, 2015
How we love you have changed us forever. We will see you soon! Rest in Him..."

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28th Sep 2013Little Did He Know Trailer 1
28th September 2013
Little Did He Know Trailer 1

"Little Did He Know" Feature Film

Bradley Hayes' first book has thrust him into unwanted fame. When his publisher orders a fresh novel, Bradley travels to a quiet bed and breakfast in hopes of forcing himself to write. He soon discovers the inspiration of life comes in those funny moments where imagination meets reality.

Directed by Creative Actors coach, Elizabeth Allen, this feature length comedy has a cast of 37 actors trained by Scott-Arthur Allen and Elizabeth Allen at the Creative Actors.

Director of Photography Kelsey David Shryer; Creative Actors Media Administrator

Written and Edited by Kelsey David Shryer and Elizabeth Allen

Original Score by Tyler Durham

Original Songs by Stephanie Bade

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